The Game-Changer                  

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s discovery of America's pending judgment in  The Harbinger is nothing less than a game-changer.  The premise for understanding the Isaiah 9:10 prophecy is profoundly simple:  if the God of the Bible exists, and influences human history as He claims to, then his fingerprints ought to be unmistakably discernible in the defining event of our generation-- the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

They are. 

Rabbi Cahn reveals Nine Harbingers of America’s judgment.  The evidence is damning:  the United States is helplessly subject to the divine principles of history--- despite every effort by our cultural, intellectual and ruling elites to deny it--- and has set herself up for judgment of the most destructive fashion:  the same judgment that put the nation of Israel out of existence for 70 years. 


Our cultural, intellectual, and political elites have brainwashed us into believing that America is the exception.


But America, we learn from the Nine Harbingers of Isaiah 9:10, is no exception.  Nations who follow in the path of ancient Israel will share the fate of ancient Israel--- demoralization, destruction, impoverishment, and occupation at the hands of her worst enemies.  


The Harbinger has also exploded one of the fondest myths of our culture--- that God is Santa Claus.   All he wants is for us to be happy, and is content to sit back and chuckle Ho ho ho as we all do our own thing.


Incorrect.  God judges people, judges nations, and He holds us all to a standard.  The Nine Harbingers show how He has stepped into American history and proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The discussion is no longer about who’s Kool-Aid you’re drinking--- Democrat or Republican, Fox News or Huffington Post, Obama or Romney, fiscal responsibility or social justice, gay marriage or Proposition 8--- and what you think tastes better.  God is making it pretty clear that he has taken a hand in events, and is getting ready to make His next move.  And He is not going to wait until you're comfortable with that.


He is going to wait until the Tenth Harbinger. 


The Tenth Harbinger was first sounded in 604 BC by the Kingdom of Judah, left behind after sister Kingdom of Israel's destruction in 722 BC by Assyria.  Judah would meet with her own demise twenty years later in 586 BC, when Jerusalem would be destroyed by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar, and the remainder of the Jewish people would be carried off to captivity in Babylon for seventy years. 


The Tenth Harbinger was the signal to begin the final judgment that would bring a final end to the nation God founded on Mt. Sinai.   And it was sounded by man, not God!    


God is famous for counting to ten before He acts.  Ten Plagues for Egypt. Ten Harbingers for Israel and Judah.  Ten Kings for Rome.  


And now, the Tenth Harbinger for the United States of America.   We the People are going to sound it, telling God and the rest of the world that we have made the choice to go past the point of no return. 


America will sound The Tenth Harbinger.  It will be our own choice.  Nobody is making us do it.  


 So here's your choice:  Do you want to be on the right side of history?  Or on the right side of eternity?

I'll give you a hint:  the casualties are going to be heavy on both sides, but the outcome is going to be completely one-sided. 

Your takeaway:  God got your attention with the first Nine Harbingers.  America is about to sound the Tenth Harbinger, signaling her own destruction, and you will read about it in the headlines.

First, Three Divine Principles of History